5 ways to energize and engage employees

Offer employees feedback, clear job descriptions and room for growth to help them—and your company—succeed.

When employees are engaged, they work harder and help the company perform better. To create more powerful employee engagement in your organization, try implementing these five tips.

1. Clarify what’s expected of employees

It’s essential that your team members know what’s expected of them. They receive job descriptions when they first start, but that’s not enough. Clear expectations ensure everyone is working towards the same goal. Putting things in writing is a valuable step to avoid confusion that can occur if verbal instructions are the only instructions.

2. Offer internal career opportunities

No one wants to feel they are stuck in a dead end job. If you consider current team members for promotion before going outside the organization, employees will be more willing to stay because they can see room for improvement and promotion if they perform well. Give them opportunities to learn and grow within their role. Make it clear that your desire is to promote internally when possible. This will also minimize people looking elsewhere for new jobs without your knowledge.

3. Empower frontline employees

Are your team members able to use discretion when handling customer complaints? Do they always seek permission for something that isn’t within their power to correct? Frustration can build up if frontline employees are powerless to take immediate action to satisfy a disgruntled customer. If they can save a customer from having to wait for someone to take action, it’s a win-win.

4. Encourage teamwork

Employees should work together and support each other. It’s essential to a healthy and positive work environment.

People also learn from watching other team members interact with customers. No amount of training can prepare a new employee for what happens better than observing skilled team members, regardless of whether they’re working with easy or difficult customers. If team members offer each other support, they will be able to get through any difficulties they may encounter without involving a supervisor.

5. Provide regular feedback

It’s crucial to give all employees regular feedback on their performance. Regardless of whether they’re excelling at their job or are new to the company, they need to know where they stand.

Are they doing everything they’re supposed to be doing? Are they doing too much? If they arrive late all the time and leave early, address that. If they’re doing other people’s work because some people are lazy, you should address that as well.

Employees need to know how they’re doing, and they’ll be more engaged if you regularly review their performance.

Bill Hogg works with senior leaders to transform organizations into high performance, customer-focused cultures that deliver exceptional customer service, higher productivity and improved profits. Connect with him at www.BillHogg.ca. He also writes the company’s blog, where this article originally ran.


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