5 ways to get coverage between big events

Think the ‘major announcement’ is the only way to get ink? Think again. Here’s a handful of techniques to keep your brand’s profile high.

It’s an easy mistake to make: Some brands wait for the big product announcement that will make the marketplace stand up and take notice.

Big product announcements are good, but what do you in between them? Whether you work for a PR agency or in house, here are five options to consider while you’re waiting for The Next Big Thing.

1. Pitch product enhancements using trends: Tie your established products and services to industry trends and changes. For example, if you represent a mortgage company that can help homeowners with refinancing documentation while the Obama administration is supporting refinancing, then your service can get good exposure.

2. Make personnel announcements count: Even announcing a relatively low level hire for a new office or focus area signals your critical mass. For example, an investment firm ramping up in a new specialty gets a chance to highlight the move without overpromising.

3. Offer market expertise when you can: Focus on commentary that informs new customers in your market. If you are a career services expert, offer advice on what the “hot buttons” are in the recruiting industry and how to take advantage of those opportunities to get ahead of competitors.

4. Look for speaking engagements: Secure speaking opportunities (paid or unpaid) at industry events that reach your customers and publicize your participation. Doing so will position you as an expert source in your business. Not only are these industry events a great networking tool for clients, but they are sometimes attended by the media who follow your business and can lead to company exposure.

5. Write a thought leadership piece: Secure bylined article opportunities in trade publications that reach your key target audiences. Writing a 700-word article detailing your thoughts about a solution to the housing crisis can get your company noticed as a key player in real estate without overtly promoting your product or service.

Think about employing these tools over a timeframe of at least three months. Looking at it that way, you can easily stay in the communications market until a big announcement comes along.

Because any of these items can play across multiple platforms—organic search, traditional media, your website, and social media—you’ve got multiple times at bat.

Greg Miller is the founder and president of Marketcom PR.

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