5 ways to land your dream PR job in 2012

Ready to go after a shiny new job this year? This HR pro has the tips you need to make it happen.

PR helps enhance and maintain the image of a business, event or high-profiled person.

Yes, that is sexy. It’s why you strive to reach your dream job in PR.

PR at Sunrise published an article a few weeks ago that asked PR students and pros if they would rather work at a PR agency or in-house PR department. I thought it provided a good opportunity to share some advice on how to get the job you are looking for.

1. Work your network

Know someone at an agency where you’re just dying to work? Spruce up your resume, network like no other, and show your worth. Reach out to your network, especially to someone who will receive an incentive for referring you. Pull together your own case studies and present them in a format that will turn the eye of even the most weathered HR professional.

2. Exemplify the company’s values

Don’t just demonstrate that you know or understand a company’s culture and core values. Be ready to show you are a great fit and how you and the company can benefit each other. If you want an in-house position, show how your experience in agency life can be a plus for an in-house job.

3. Reach out

Look for press releases that list contacts at an agency/company where you want a job. Reach out to them and let them know you’re interested in their company. Ask for a few minutes of their time to discuss the company and the best way to make sure someone sees your resume. It takes a lot to secure that dream job—don’t be afraid to leap!

4. Show your passion

Infuse passion and truth in all you do. PR agencies and in-house departments look for fire in each person they hire. Show that you adapt easily, but are truly passionate about your work and image. Be confident about who you are—it goes a long way in an interview.

5. Use social media

Social networking is definitely helpful. Join PR groups on LinkedIn to find contacts who may be the key to your dream job. But, remember that people may Google you. Always bear in mind that you brand yourself every time you do something online. You don’t want to lose the opportunity to land a job because you posted something foolish.

Lisa Hutchins is a human resources professional. A version of this article originally ran on PR at Sunrise.

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