5 writing lies that sabotage your SEO

Do you listen to music when you write blog posts, or think you can only write when you have an original idea? You might be damaging your brand’s SEO.

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Your content is your brand. It’s your voice in the market and how you convey your message to customers. Through your website copy, blog, articles, pitches and social updates you reach prospective customers and turn them into full-blown customers.

There’s just one problem: You can’t write. At least, that’s what you’ve told yourself for the past 30 years.

Because you don’t believe you can write, you seek advice from writers. But sometimes these folks point you in the wrong direction. They don’t mean to feed you lies or bad practices—it just happens.

Below are five well-intentioned pieces of writing advice that may do more harm than good when you write content for an SEO campaign. Abandon these “words of wisdom.” Your content will thank you.

1. “Listen to music while you write.”

This might be the worst advice ever, yet I’ve heard it many times. People say music helps block out distractions and makes you focus while you write. It will, but only if you listen to jazz, classical music, or songs without words.

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