50 Americanisms that don’t sit well across the pond

If you’re trying to impress a British audience, here’s how not to do it.

The English language has been evolving for the last few hundred years, but, as of late, it hasn’t been evolving for the better. That is, if you ask the British.

An unscientific poll conducted by the BBC asked British citizens what their most hated “Americanisms,” words that are American in origin.

If you’re looking to make a good impression overseas, here are a few phrases you might want to avoid (in no particular order):

1. “Can I get a…”

2. “Least worst option”

3. “Two-time” or “three-time”

4. “24/7”

5. “Deplane”

6. “I’m good”

7. “Heads up”

8. “Oftentimes”

9. “Reach out to”

10. “You do the math”

Read the full list of the 50 worst Americanisms.


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