6 organizations making the most of gamification

Whether it’s used for recruiting, training or productivity, an element of fun helps get the job done, as these brief case studies illustrate. Mary Poppins would heartily approve.

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To incorporate gamification at your company, you need a strategy that fits the business and its employees.

You can’t just give out meaningless rewards. The following organizations have used it successfully, achieving substantive results:

1. Xerox. Leaders understand that teaching new employees everything they need to know can be tedious for all involved. To make it more entertaining, and to boost knowledge retention, Xerox uses an app, Qstream, which works like a trivia game. Every day the app lets the employees learn what they need to know. A classification system shows who has answered the most questions correctly.

2. U.S. Army. Gamification can be used to attract talent, so the Army created “America’s Army.” This first-person strategic-shooter video game was designed to recruit, but it has also been used for training. Three years after its launch, one out of every three soldiers who enlisted had played the video game.

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