6 ways to promote your brand with Vine

From product demonstrations to elevator pitches, here’s how Twitter’s new video app can make your brand’s messages more powerful.

Twitter recently announced a smartphone app called Vine that allows you to take a six-second video that loops.

It is not the only company with this idea. There are competing apps called Viddy and Tout that do much the same.

What can you do with a six-second video? Why bother?

Maybe we shouldn’t be so quick to judge. Twitter took texting to a new level; it put it on steroids. Maybe a short, simple video is enough to get out a memorable, powerful message.

Is less more?

How to use Vine for marketing

Viddy thinks 15 seconds is the right length for a short video message, while Vine videos are six seconds. Maybe there is some science behind both times, but let’s look at some possible ideas for marketing with a short video.

Here are six ideas:

1. Create a brand elevator pitch.

Want people to understand what your brand is all about? Consider an elevator pitch where you sum it up in one or two sentences. Six seconds may be enough.

2. Do a product demonstration.

One- to two-minute video reviews of products might be too long. Why not experiment with six seconds?

3. Launch a new product or service.

If you can, explain your new product in six seconds. (If you can’t, use YouTube.) Maybe your messaging will get better as you learn to communicate the key product features and not the unnecessary ones.

4. Give your brand a personality.

Social media allows and wants you to give your brand a personality. Use Vine to make it real and authentic. Make it quirky or innovative. Many brands don’t want a bland image.

5. Market a promotion.

Use a six-second Vine video to market a new promotion. It could be a new book, song, movie or even an event. How long do you need to communicate something new? Remember the power of simplicity.

6. Announce a special offer or discount.

How long does it take to announce a special offer for your clothing store? Make it visual, oral and shareable.

How could you use a six-second Vine video to market your business? Do you think Vine will stick, or is it just a fad?

Jeff Bullas is a digital media coach, mentor, consultant and speaker. He blogs at JeffBullas.com, where a version of this article originally ran.

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