6 ways video can improve marketing efforts

High quality videos can enhance marketing efforts and help turn browsers into buyers. Follow these tips to use videos effectively.

Consumers increasingly expect authentic and visually engaging brand advertisements if they are to make a purchase.

Thankfully, online video is a powerful tool that can help brand managers fulfill these expectations and convert engaged audience members into buyers.

Although there are no exact rules on how your brand should use video to improve conversions, there are best practices to follow—whether your goal is to increase sign-ups, purchases or clicks on an email.

Here are six marketing video tips backed by facts that will help your brand boost interactions and, ultimately, sales.

1. Include a video on your website landing page.

The average Internet user spends 88 percent more time on a website with video than without, according to Forbes.

You’ve worked hard to generate traffic to your website, and you can have a guaranteed way to keep your visitors on the page longer. Demonstrating your products or services in a video is a great way to bring your brand to life and showcase your company’s strengths through an engaging medium.

Video can be a powerful way to grab visitors’ attention and get them to connect with your brand when placed in optimal locations throughout your website.

Encourage your staff to appear in and shoot their own videos. Learn how in this free guide.

2. Use the word “video” in email subject lines.

Doing so boosts open rates 19 percent, click-through rates 65 percent and reduces unsubscribes by 26 percent, according to MarketingTechBlog.

If you want to encourage click-throughs on your email newsletters, persuasive and attention-grabbing subject lines are hardly enough. It’s time to add video to truly boost your email newsletter conversion rates. Adding a marketing video to an email newsletter effectively increases click-through rates and email sharing or forwarding rates.

There is no universal format that is compatible with all email clients yet. However, you can try one of the following methods to deliver video in email: a static image with video link, an animated GIF, or a video in HTML5 format.

3. Include videos on product pages.

This can help increase conversions. Sixty-four percent of consumers are more likely to buy a product after watching a video about it, according to Forbes.

Product images are important, but they can’t tell the full story the way a video can. A video can convey a lot of information quickly, and can strike an emotional chord and make your customers feel a certain way about your products through captivating imagery and sound.

4. Optimize your website for all mobile devices to increase video plays.

Mobile made up more than 25 percent of product video plays in the second quarter of 2014, according to ReelSEO.

A recent report from Liveclicker, which surveyed major retailers to gather video optimization tips, recommends optimizing videos for mobile devices. Mobile comprises more than 25 percent of product video plays, so make sure videos can be viewed easily, and are to the point. Liveclicker suggests keeping product videos around 30 seconds to increase conversions, unless it is a higher price point or complex item.

5. Capture leads with how-to videos.

Nearly one in three millennials say they purchased a product as a direct result of watching a tutorial or how-to video about it, according to Social Media Examiner.

A how-to video is a great way to share uses of your product without pushing a sale. The focus should be on teaching viewers something, or solving a specific problem they may have. How-to videos are popular with the millennial crowd and can capture viewers with prime buyer intent.

6. Increase sales with video ads.

Video has a click-through rate that beats normal ads by a factor of three, according to Business Insider.

Online video ads are one of the most effective ad mediums and receive more than three times more clicks on average than other digital ad formats such as rich media ads, display ads and mobile ads.

Creating video ads with precise targeting for YouTube and Facebook can help your brand generate views and conversions back to your website or product pages.

Beyond capturing viewer attention, we have gathered a few other reasons you can read about that explain why online videos are the new “it” marketing strategy and why now is the ideal time for your brand to get on board.

Anish Patel founded Revolution Productions in 2008. A version of this article originally appeared on the company’s blog.

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