7 ways communications and PR pros rule at life

The skills PR and communications professionals use to do their jobs also come in handy in other areas of life.

You know you’re good at your job.

You churn out stellar press releases, blog posts, tweets and executive speeches at lightning speed. You’ve built excellent rapport with top-tier reporters who come to you for quotes and fact checking every day. Your peers day dream about how they can be as sharp and creative as you.

Did you also know that as a communications or PR professional, you’ve developed skills that make you awesome at life in general? Perhaps you even have leg up above others who are, say, mathematicians or ping-pong champions.

Here are some of the top areas where comms and PR pros rule at life because of their communications savvy.

1. The big L-word. You’re probably better at love, because a huge part of a successful relationship is strong communications with your partner. You have an innate ability to craft messages in a way that takes your audience (read: angry lover) into account to defuse situations before they reach boiling point.

You may also be really good at coming up with clever love poems and texts that sweep your partner off his or her feet.

2. Medical treatment. A recent New York Times article highlighted how poor communications results in a measurable decline in one’s health and well-being. The piece noted that two out of three patients leave the hospital not knowing what was wrong with them, and that 60 percent misunderstood directions after a doctor’s visit.

The piece calls for doctors to undergo training to develop their “interpersonal and communication skills” so they can become better listeners and all-around better communicators to help treat their patients to the fullest. As a communicator, you’re bound to walk into that doctor’s office asking more questions, describing your concern with more clarity, and leaving with an overall better understanding of your health and what you’re being asked to do about it.

3. Talking to kids and grandmas. You’re better at communicating with kids and grandmas and people who may not fit into your cohort. In fact, you can probably be left in a room with a camel, two Bedouins from the high desert and a pair of old tennis shoes and you could find something meaningful to discuss.

4. Customer service. All that time studying social media algorithms, blogger behavior and successful cases studies means that you know how to work it.

You know what brands you can tweet for customer service and expect immediate assistance, and what key words to use in an email to get your case heard. You know how to use your PR prowess (without being that annoying person who abuses their prowess) to receive excellent customer service in your personal life.

5. Communicating with people who speak other languages. As a master of the English language, you understand the roots of words, intonations, facial expressions and body language better than most. You’re therefore more likely to be able to communicate with people who may not speak your language. This comes in especially handy when traveling for pleasure.

6. Mental health. It’s proven. Writing helps your happiness. Maybe 95 percent of your writing isn’t diary entries, but I bet you wrote in a journal when you were younger. Or maybe in your free time, you craft short stories with protagonists that may or may not be playing out some of your fears and dreams on the page.

Regardless, the fact that you write for a living, whatever the topic, means that you are expressing yourself and releasing tensions that others may store, which lead to all kinds of emotional, mental and even physical anguish.

7. You’re important. Language is our most precious tool for navigating the world and interactions with our fellow humans. We may take for granted that so much is dependent on writing and speaking well because it comes so naturally to us, but that’s not the case for many.

You generally have a better understanding of yourself and the world around you because you’re naturally observant and communicative.

Allison Steinberg is a journalist and the communications director for Empire State Pride Agenda.

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