7 ways to get employees to share your message on social media

Brand ambassadors can be a huge boon for any organization. Here’s how to encourage employees to amplify your reach online.

Employee social media advocacy

There’s a core audience of incredibly important micro-influencers that many companies overlook when it comes to marketing efforts: employees.

So, how can you get started turning your employees into brand ambassadors?

1. Start by investing in employee satisfaction.

Company culture plays a big part in the likelihood of success for creating employee advocates. Unhappy team members are less likely to share positive company news.

Alternatively, dissatisfied employees can do tremendous damage to a brand by sharing negative content online. Companies are wise to put money where their mouths and invest in employee satisfaction.

2. Clearly communicate your vision and values.

Getting every single employee to understand the purpose of your brand’s existence—and what you stand for in the world—establishes the core message of your company. When everyone can articulate the “what and who we are,” they’re more likely to share that in their conversations and online discussions.

3. Don’t be afraid to thump your chest.

You can and should be proud of the great news media coverage you’re getting. Your employees are also going to get excited because it feels great to work for a company that has positive, top-tier news coverage that friends and family might read.

Don’t forget to let your team members know when news is published. It’s an opportunity to boost morale and to encourage employees to amplify the news by sharing on their own channels. There are plenty of easy, free ways to internally promote press coverage, such as:

  • Create a companywide #press channel on Slack or on the intranet.
  • Send a weekly news roundup via email.
  • Talk about great coverage in team stand-ups—and explain why it’s so great.
  • Publish top media hits to news screens in the office (and if you don’t already have one in your entry, consider getting one).
  • Include top media hits in quarterly and/or annual company updates.
  • Ask the CEO or other top executives to share with their reports/the whole company.

4. Don’t require participation.

Employees should never feel coerced to use their personal networks—in-person or online—to share anything about work. Always make it clear that you appreciate and encourage sharing, but only if they want to.

5. Create visually appealing content. 

A picture’s worth a thousand words—and many, many more social shares. Make sure you’re arming your employee brand ambassadors with visual content. From company memories on #throwbackthursday, to office candids and group shots, showcase your workplace culture with Instagram-worthy images. Add selfie opportunities to employee outings (props and a fun backdrop can be a quick and inexpensive content driver).

Hire a photographer and/or videographer for larger events to ensure you get high-quality images. Give those people the directive to get as many faces as possible. For smaller, more casual outings, ask a couple of people to take some pictures. Make it a mix of mostly candids with organized group shots.

6. Encourage co-creation—and let go a little.

One of the best ways to get employees to become brand advocates is to yield some control.  When you encourage people to co-create content, they’re more invested and thus more likely to share the results.

7. Make it simple.

Employees are doing you a favor when they amplify your content, so make that favor as easy as possible. When sharing a news article, provide a potential social media post they can copy and paste or customize.

If an executive gives a fantastic interview, include some time stamps and quotes along with the Vimeo or YouTube link. Make sure blog post links are optimized for social sharing so the image and description don’t need to be cleaned up.

The less time and effort it takes for your team members to be brand ambassadors, the more success you’ll have.

Elliotte Bowerman is a strategic communications and marketing expert. A version of this post originally appeared on the Inkhouse blog.


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