7 ways to get your story in The Huffington Post

Want to see your byline in one of the most popular news outlets in the world? Follow these steps.

I remember the first time I saw one of my colleague’s bylines in The Huffington Post.

My first thought was, “Wow, she’s made the big time.” That was quickly followed by, “If she can do, then so can I.”

It’s true. You can see your byline in Huffington Post. All it takes is creating compelling, original content that fits within the publication’s guidelines. Of course, that’s easier said than done.

Here are seven tips for seeing your byline in Huffington Post:

1. Use the pitch form. Huffington Post’s pitch form is an innocuous looking Google Form. You may wonder if this is really how you pitch the publication.

Though there are other ways to get into Huffington Post, rest assured that this form really is one of them. Like with all busy publications, you’ll hear back if they’re interested. If you don’t, you know the drill. Live on to pitch, pitch again.

2. Pitch an editor. It’s always better to go straight to the source. Huffington Post handily lists their editors here.

The editors are charged with cultivating the best content out there, so reach out to one via Twitter or email if you think you have a story they can’t resist.

As always, use your social media etiquette and don’t spam or pester. Of course, to pitch the right editor, follow tip No. 3.

3. Know your categories. The Huffington Post has sections on everything, from the big topics like politics, entertainment and business, to very specialized areas of interest, like HuffPo Divorce.

Familiarize yourself with the publication’s categories and be sure your piece aligns well with one of them.

4. Dig deep. It isn’t enough to know which category your piece fits into; you must also make your tone, style, voice and word count fit.

Huffington Post has optimized their sections down to a science, so if you notice that most posts in your section are long form narrative pieces, you should start there.

That isn’t to say that a top 10 list won’t be just the shake up that section needs, but take baby steps.

5. Keep it timely and relevant. Just like every other publication on the planet—probably even more so—Huffington Post is inundated with pitches.

Time your pitch to coincide with news or current events for a better chance of seeing your byline under the familiar green banner.

6. Promote, then pitch. Remember the friend I mentioned above? When I read beneath her byline, I realized I had read her piece before.

That’s right—she took an already popular blog post she’d written and submitted it to Huffington Post for even more exposure.

Huffington Post doesn’t demand exclusivity with its evergreen content, so don’t be afraid to popularize a post on your own blog before pitching it. Editors will actually be glad to see your piece’s track record.

7. Be newsworthy. If you have a newsworthy scoop, you are free to submit it to Huffington Post as a news tip and hope that an editor picks up the story.

As one of the most popular news outlets in the world these days, though, you’ll often find your pitch out in the cold unless you truly have the scoop of the week.

Have you had an article in Huffington Post? How did you gain coverage?

Mickie Kennedy is the founder of eReleases. A version of this article originally appeared on PR Fuel.

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