8 traits of remarkable leaders

The intangible quality called charisma sets certain people apart and makes others want to work with them. Here are some attributes of natural leaders.

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Do you remember the last time someone made you feel important?

There’s a good chance that you remember it vividly because they took a genuine interest in you and in what you had to say. It made an impression, and you felt great about yourself after the conversation.

That someone had charisma.

Some people have it, and it’s usually obvious as soon as they come into view. Charisma can’t be faked, and you probably know people who have it.

We are drawn to charismatic people. We are eager to be in their good graces. It’s a big reason that charismatic people make great leaders.

Here’s why:

1. They listen. More specifically, they practice active listening—being attuned to the other person and acknowledging what they are hearing through verbal and nonverbal feedback, including eye contact. It connects the sender (the one talking) to the receiver (the one listening) and gives the sender reassurance that he is being understood.

2. They ask insightful questions. This shows the employee that his manager is genuinely interested in what he has to say and wants to learn more.

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