A cheat sheet: Measuring your Google+ page

How do you measure the effectiveness of your Google+ business page tactics? Start with these five approaches, and use the accompanying cheat sheet to track your success.

One important aspect of managing and building a Google+ page is accurately measuring your activity there to understand which efforts drive results for your business.

There isn’t one grand metric to determine whether all your Google+ activity is worthwhile, so your business must consider a variety of metrics focusing on five distinct areas.

Google Analytics can help your business measure many of these metrics directly from the Social Data Hub report; others can be aggregated from other tools or pulled together manually.

Focus on the following five key areas to measure your Google+ page activity:

1. Channel engagement

This area encompasses the interactions your audience has with your business and its content on Google+. The metrics to best define whether you’re engaging with your audiences effectively are the number of shares, comments, clicks, and +1’s your content receives.

These numbers should increase over time as you spread awareness about your business on the network, and you should be generating daily conversations focused on the content you’re sharing. To enhance your results, pay attention to audience commenting and sharing, so you can continue to provide them content that they find engaging.

2. Platform reach

To accurately measure the reach of your Google+ page, consider the number of circles your page is in, the relationships you’ve established with influencers on the platform, and your involvement in Google+ communities.

These three factors will help determine the reach your business might achieve over time. To expand your reach, forge relationships with relevant Google+ influencers who will join conversations with your audience and share your content with their own audiences. Also, be sure to set up and participate in relevant Google+ communities.

3. Quality score

Without maintaining a high level of quality, your engagement or reach can be meaningless. If the engagement on your Google+ content is too spammy or you’re reaching the wrong people, then these other key areas of measurement don’t matter. To understand the quality of the activity on your Google+ page, measure how relevant the leads generated from the social network are for your business.

Another indication is the depth of the conversations occurring on your page, the length of time referral traffic spends on your website when coming from Google+, and how long your content is actively engaged with, clicked on, and discussed on the network. You should regularly analyze whether your content matches the interests of your audiences to ensure the most relevant users are interacting with your business.

4. Sales

Determine whether Google+ is leading to sales in the long term through ongoing dialogue and strengthened relationships with your customers. Analyze the amount of solid leads that have entered your sales pipeline after interacting with your business on Google+. Compare the activity of your referral traffic from other sources to best understand whether this traffic is converting to an increase in sales.

You should provide long-term value through content and conversations to assist in converting your audience into paying customers. By continually providing value to your customers, you can strengthen your relationships with them and bolster their trust in your products and services.

5. Competitive analysis

To better inform your company’s strategy on Google+, continually analyze the engagement your competitors (within and outside your industry) are seeing on their content, the types of content that resonate best with their audiences, and the reach they’ve achieved with circles, influencers, and communities.

These metrics will help your company better serve your Google+ audience by staying away from content that didn’t work for your competitors and experimenting with different forms of content that proved effective for other companies.

Cheat sheet

Here’s a cheat sheet for quick reference on the five key areas of metrics your business should pay attention to on Google+.

Brian Honigman is a marketing consultant, freelance writer and professional speaker. A version of this article first appeared on iacquire.com.


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