A marketer’s guide to digital rewards

Companies from Fandango to Land Rover are offering digital rewards and downloads targeted to customers’ interests. Bonus: Customers willingly provide you their data.

Fandango, the Web-based ticket company, uses digital downloads as a way to add value to the movie-going experience and to make it more engaging.

Sometimes this means a customer buys a ticket and can download the music from the movie, says Chief Marketing Officer Adam Rockmore. In other instances, Fandango has provided e-books pegged to movie releases, such as “Gone Girl,” “American Sniper” and “The Divergent Series: Insurgent.”

Either way, digital giveaways help the company move beyond the old idea of offering rewards that customers might not really want, such as cashing in airline miles for magazine subscriptions.

Fandango is one of a number of companies featured in “A Marketer’s Guide to Digital Giveaways, Promotions and Rewards.” Sponsored by Red Touch Media, the guide tells how companies are winning customer loyalty by offering digital rewards such as Hollywood movies, bestselling e-books, top-40 songs and backstage videos that fans feel privileged to watch.

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Reaping customer data

The guide also reveals how marketers are reaping a wealth of customer data through digital giveaways.

“We’ve been really focused on making a Fandango ticket mean a little bit more to the consumer,” Rockmore says. “What I mean by that is: How do we add more value to the experience? How do we make the movie-going experience more engaged, more interesting? So we’ve been accelerating these rewards.”

The free guide digs deep into these areas:

  • How Fandango uses digital downloads to sell more tickets online, build customer loyalty and enhance the movie-going experience.
  • How to find digital rewards that fit your customers—such as the free songs that demonstrated Land Rover’s Meridian sound system.
  • How premium digital rewards drive campaigns and build loyalty.
  • Why digital prizes are ideal for social media events.
  • How to gather digital data from your customers—and what you can ask for.
  • How to set the metrics to gauge the success of your campaign.
  • Why it’s essential to keep customers within your digital ecosystem—and how you can do that.

Personalized data help brands to connect with buyers on a deeper level and target them more effectively, the guide reveals. The content that people choose to view or download says a lot about them and their lifestyle.

Data help marketers to tailor a customer’s experience in a more personal way, reducing the cost of big-bucks, generic ad campaigns whose messages are lost on a chunk of the masses. Data also help you to create a more intimate advertising platform and develop one-on-one relationships with your customers.

Song downloads

Shannon Truax, head of social media for iCrossing, worked on a campaign for Land Rover and Range Rover that involved song downloads. The automobile brand wanted to emphasize the quality of its Meridian sound system, and music was a natural way to get consumers’ attention—along with getting some data from them.

Land Rover partnered with singer-songwriter Chris Ayer to offer free music downloads. Customers could get three of his songs, among them “The Infinite Abyss of Space,” performed live and played back through 19 Range Rover speakers.

“There is a very natural opportunity to provide a digital download to consumers that doesn’t feel contrived,” Truax says.

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