A step-by-step guide to choosing the best intranet for your organization

Learn the questions you should ask internally before you go shopping for your intranet vendor, with the help of this handy, free downloadable guide.

Want to redesign your intranet? Create one from scratch? Make it mobile friendly?

Whatever the challenge, navigating the process of selecting an intranet provider among all the options on the market isn’t easy.

Simpplr created this free download—The Modern Intranet Buyer’s Guide—to help you with the process.

If you still need to convince the powers that be that you need to put resources and energy into your intranet, this guide devotes a section to help make the argument, backed by numbers—the relevant statistics that every executive demands. For example:

  • Only 30 percent of employees are engaged in their current position.
  • Companies with disengaged employees outperform competitors with high disengagement levels by 202 percent.
  • Disengaged employees are responsible for about $350 billion in lost revenue a year.
  • Employees spend nearly 20 percent of their time looking for information so they can do their jobs.

A modern intranet is your secret weapon to unlock value and provide a centralized hub to help employees find the information they need to excel.

Once you get buy-in, “The Modern Intranet Buyer’s Guide” will walk you through the three steps you should take before you’re ready to select an intranet provider: Define the problem, detail the technology needs, and short-list vendors based on their strengths.

It breaks down each step into a series of questions you should ask and answer before moving on to the next step. For example:

Step 1: Define the problem. Have you outgrown your current platform? Is your workforce geographically distributed? Is your company going through a growth phase and needs to maintain the culture?

Don’t know whether you’ve outgrown your program? Do your employees rarely log in to your intranet? Is it hard for anyone to find what they’re looking for? If yes, then Simpplr provides a set of essential features you should look for in a new platform. Each step is clearly articulated.

Don’t miss out on this essential guide for anyone who works in corporate communications and whose job it is to engage employees worldwide.

Download your guide now.


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