American Apparel says casting call with off-color terms does not represent brand

A leaked email from agency Photogenics says the company doesn’t want ‘Instagram hoes’ in its ads.

If you’re a generally decent human, this post may leave you wondering, “What’s an Instagram ho?”

That’s because some folks who work at an agency called Photogenics explicitly do not want “Instagram hoes” at their casting call for American Apparel models. A leaked email reveals their preference—and it comes in the wake of American Apparel ousting its founder and former CEO, Dov Charney, for (what else?) sexual misconduct allegations.

The actual wording for the casting call reads, “Company is going through a rebranding image so will be shooting models moving forward. Real models. Not Instagram hoes or THOTS.” It will not add an ounce of positivity to your life if you Google the term “THOT,” in case you’re not sure what it means.

While a Photogenics rep said the comment was “made in jest,” American Apparel wasn’t laughing. Its senior marketing VP Cynthia Erland told The Huffington Post:

It’s just completely false that American Apparel is only using professional models, and we have had and continue to have public casting calls on our calendar. We continue to look for diverse models of all sizes and backgrounds that look great in our clothes, and these open casting calls play a key role. Suggestions to the contrary are the result of an email written by a non-American Apparel employee that does not reflect our company’s beliefs in any way, and they have since apologized for writing it.

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