Apple, GoDaddy aim to make emoji marketing a cinch

As these cartoon icons continue to gain popularity among consumers, marketers are catching up. Here’s what you should know about recent emoji updates.

The emojis keep on coming.

Two big-name technology brands have announced plans to emojify some familiar products. Here are details—and how marketers might benefit.

GoDaddy introduces emoji domains

Marketing and social media managers with a knack for using emojis to connect with mobile-focused consumers can soon take those efforts to desktop computers.

GoDaddy —one of the largest internet domain registrar and web hosting companies—is now allowing emojis to be used in domain names.

From Fast Company:

Last week GoDaddy held an internal hackathon. The winner was a new emoji domain registration search engine, which allows people to both search for and purchase domain names that are made up entirely of emoji. And they work just like any other URL. The service works best using a mobile browser on your iPhone or Android device, but you can also do it with the emoji toolbar on a Mac.

GoDaddy’s senior director of marketing domains, Theresa Geraghty, shares additional insight on the new feature:

The creation of the emoji domains website was born out of [our] internal hackathon. One of our developers, Jon Roig, created the website because he likes emoji domain names. At GoDaddy, we’re always looking for ways to get that “just right” domain name into our customer hands, and emoji domain names are a great way for customers to express themselves in a unique way.

According to GoDaddy’s TechComm Hackathon website, domains that use emojis are emoji only—so you can’t mix text with images.

For marketers looking to use the new feature, here’s more:

The language of emojis is universal, understood all over the world. As mobile first web usage skyrockets, the logic of emoji domain names is inescapable.

Emoji domains are 100 percent compatible with all browsers. You didn’t know this worked, did you? Most people have no idea they can just type a bunch of hearts in their address bar and go to a domain. And yet, here you are.

Emoji marketing on your Apple keyboard

At the tech group’s latest product unveiling, Apple execs showed off MacBook Pro’s new “touch bar.”

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If you frequently use the emoji app to reply to consumer inquiries on social media, the revamped touch bar could simplify that process.

Here’s how it works, via Mashable:

The touch bar’s virtual keys can morph to match the app you’re using, which may speed up certain tasks. The virtual keys on the touch bar adapt to whatever app you’re using, and can even move. For typing emoji, for example, it will call up a strip of emoji, with broader categories on the left and specific emoji on the right. Tap one of the categories, and the bar changes before your eyes.

How might you use these new emoji products, Ragan readers?

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