Are you committing these infographic sins?

Experts from Cleveland Clinic, Aflac and more want to show you how to create visual content that gets results.

As a savvy communicator, you know that infographics are a must-have for your programs.

You’ve heard countless times how they grab the attention of online audiences, increase information recall and are more likely to be shared by readers.

If you’re making the following mistakes, you might not be getting the results you hope for from your infographics efforts:

1. You don’t have a strategy. If your infographics aren’t tied to business goals, you won’t know how to measure your success.

2. You and your designers don’t communicate. Collaborating with your graphic design team is key to a visually appealing infographic.

3. You’re not sharing them on the right channels. By pitching your infographics to media outlets and repackaging them for social media, you can boost their reach.

The experts from Ragan’s upcoming virtual summit, Next-Generation Infographics that Pop, want to show you how to remedy these mistakes. Join them on March 2 and you’ll get easy, cost-effective tips to produce engaging and effective infographics that impress both audiences and your bosses.

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