Avoid the 5 heinous PR mistakes that startups make

Your mother was right: You get only one chance to make a good first impression. Don’t screw it up.

The Holy Grail for many entrepreneurs is media coverage. Though this is a worthwhile goal, many startups go about it in the wrong way and fail miserably. Others may get the desired coverage but don’t effectively use the public relations value for future opportunities.

Here are the top five mistakes that startups make, and how to avoid them:

No. 1: Launching a PR campaign too soon

You’re champing at the bit to let everyone know how absolutely wonderful your idea/product/service is, and you decide that sooner is better. Sound familiar? If so, take a cold shower, and rethink your strategy.

Many companies launch in one form and, a few pivots later, end up a completely different animal. If you pitched the media on your initial idea, you will not have much luck getting anyone to pay attention a second time (unless you have street credibility from a previous startup success).

Key takeaway: Make sure you are ready for prime time before you court the press.

No. 2: The wrong pitch

You’ve pivoted once or twice, your customer base is growing, and you’re ready to get some media love. You reach out to the press, and there’s dead silence. What did you do wrong?

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