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“Life at AT&T” podcast builds brand internally and externally

Host job-shadows employees for each episode, mixing interview with candid conversations.

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The line between internal and external communication is getting blurrier all the time. While some communications are decidedly focused on employees only, others appeal to broader audiences. That’s the case with the “Life at AT&T” podcast series—the winner in the “Article Series” category of Ragan’s 2016 Employee Communications Awards.

The podcast, which celebrates employees, fulfills several internal communication goals: It provides recognition to employees, it educates employees about the work being done by their colleagues, it introduces employees to people they probably didn’t know, and it reinforces a culture of bottom-up communication. “Life at AT&T” also serves the organization’s employer branding goals by communicating with job seekers about what life is like in various positions throughout the company. 

Host Doug Magdtich job shadows an employee for an episode, not only conducting a traditional interview but also hooking featured employees to a microphone to capture them doing their jobs. For a podcast of this nature to achieve 2,500 downloads per episode after only eight episodes is truly laudable.

We congratulate the AT&T communications team for producing an outstanding podcast. 

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