Bring your digital signage out of the shadows

Ensure your signage engages employees by attending this can’t-miss virtual summit.

Your employees see your digital signage every time they walk through your office. That means they’re a captive audience, right?

Not quite. If your signage is outdated and boring, they might as well be looking at a blank wall.

Fortunately, we have experts who want to show you how to make the most of your digital signage. Here’s what you’ll learn from the internal communicators you’ll see at the Digital Signage Virtual Summit.

1. Develop content guidelines for your signage, and automate content requests from other departments

2. Be brief and inspiring with your messaging—and avoid phony language and jargon

3. Use simple design tricks to make your signage beautiful, even if you don’t have a graphics team

Tune in from your desk on Nov. 3 and you’ll get ideas on how to create more engaging signage, save your team time and money and show senior leaders the ROI of your efforts.

You’ll also receive an on-demand recording of this event to watch at your convenience.

Don’t let your signage fade into the background. Register today.

Register here to save $50.

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