Can internal apps transform employee work experience?

Using the suggestive metaphor of “the employee journey,” this communicator argues that internal apps may light a fire under employee engagement and revolutionize customer service.

There’s growing excitement in internal communications about the potential for internal apps, particularly for field employees. I’m often told communicators struggle to reach and engage remote employees.

Experts say these employees who deal with customers daily are the face of their organizations. So the need to inform and engage these employees is obvious. Several of my previous posts have covered the benefits of internal apps.

Where many communicators get stuck is formalizing the benefits, in moving from “I know it’s important” to “I can confidently explain why it’s important to my stakeholders.”

The good news: It’s easy to start these critical talks. It doesn’t take long and the patent advantages of internal apps should help you focus on their business benefits when you discuss internal apps with your stakeholders. The apps’ advantages will help you clarify the solution.

I’ve found it useful to first identify a group of target users, such as non-desk employees. Then using the questions below, identify gaps in your communication and pain points in engaging employees. The five vital questions are:

  1. What are “important employee journeys”?
  2. What are the needs that make employees set out on their journeys?
  3. What are their current experiences? How do employees fulfil these needs? If they can’t fulfil needs, explain why.
  4. What are the ways these needs could be fulfilled quicker and simpler?
  5. What do the new experiences look like?

You could add a sixth point explaining the business benefits, prioritized for the conversations with your stakeholders.

I’ve laid out a few examples here to illustrate how easy it is. If you do this before sourcing a solution, it will benefit you enormously.

Ciara O’Keeffe is the vice president of product and customer delivery at StaffConnect Group. A version of this article first appeared on LinkedIn.

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