Comcast leaves editing note in corporate blog

A leftover internal direction on the cable company’s post not only served as an embarrassment to the brand, but also a lesson to PR pros to double check before publishing.

When you’re getting set to post a corporate blog post to your site, you may want to do a quick scan for any leftover editing notes. Failure to do so—as Comcast learned this week—could be pretty embarrassing.

The cable and Internet giant wanted to gloat in a blog post about the FCC’s choice to restart the clock on its proposed deal with Time Warner Cable that would create a monolith of incompetent customer service. The blog post also attacks groups that oppose the deal.

Part of the post reads, “Comcast and Time Warner Cable do not currently compete for customers anywhere in America.”

But it accidentally also contained the following passage:

We are still working with a vendor to analyze the FCC spreadsheet but in case it shows that there are any consumers in census blocks that may lose a broadband choice, want to make sure these sentences are more nuanced.

The passage was later removed from the post, but not before Consumerist grabbed a screenshot.

Comcast has to essentially argue that its deal with Time Warner won’t decrease customers’ choice of cable providers. The blog mistake shows that it has no idea how many markets will be left with only one cable provider.

PR pros should remember it’s not just the writing that can make or break a post—it’s a keen eye for editing.

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