Content marketing gaining ground in PR and marketing fields

Vocus’ State of PR and State of Marketing reports found that a little more than half of PR and marketing pros have content marketing strategies, but it’s not at full saturation yet.

Almost all public relations professionals and marketers have content marketing strategies at the ready, right? It’s the hot topic on everyone’s lips.

More than half do, according to Vocus’ 2014 State of PR and State of Marketing reports, which the firm released Wednesday. But there’s still a large segment that hasn’t yet ventured into content marketing on a grand scale.

Among marketers, about 60 percent of survey respondents said they or their clients have content marketing strategies, and 53 percent of PR pros said they use content marketing in campaigns.

The report doesn’t give any explanation as to why that might be, though the item near the end of both reports about PR pros and marketers’ biggest challenges—a lack of staff, time, and money—could indicate that a paucity of resources rather than lagging interest is keeping some professionals away from content marketing.

Also of note: About 49 percent of PR pros surveyed use search engine marketing, and only about one-third have a mobile engagement strategy. Marketers said automating their work is costly and time consuming, but those that do use automated systems said it greatly improved their sales. (Vocus sells software that automates some marketing and PR processes.)

The prevailing theme of Vocus’s reports seems to be that trends aren’t as ubiquitous as they might seem. In another example, only about one-third of PR pros and marketers ranked blogging as a highly effective distribution channel. They ranked company websites, email, social media, and traditional media relations much higher.

Here’s an infographic with further findings from its research:

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