‘Crisis’ and ‘panic’ don’t have to go hand in hand

Crises aren’t always avoidable, but following these steps will help you stay calm and protect your organization.

You see it in the news every day. Another organization facing yet another scandal, security breach or social media mishap.

“That can’t happen to us,” you think. Still, you start to sweat a little as you imagine the worst-case scenario.

You might not be able to prevent disaster from striking your organization—but it doesn’t have to send you into a tailspin of panic and despair either.

Follow these tips to avoid losing your cool when “it” hits the fan:

  • Identify which issues and risks are most threatening to your organization
  • Work closely with your legal team to avoid making costly missteps
  • Prepare executives to handle tough questions and deliver key messages with poise
  • Create a plan to rebuild your reputation after a crisis ends

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