How digital transformation impacts deskless workers

The tools you need to create a digital transformation strategy for your organization.

How digital transformations affect deskless workers

The pandemic forced  many organizations worldwide to transform digitally. With so many deskless, remote and frontline workers, tools and technologies are increasingly needed, whether to foster a sense of community and collaboration, to relate key employee messaging and even to automate manual tasks.

With the tools in place, it’s necessary to measure the impact (and ROI) of your company’s digital efforts. On Aug. 18, comms pros will detail how digital transformation is taking shape, what’s working and what’s not, and how to measure these efforts. The webinar, in partnership with LumApps, will offer:

  • Ideas to create a virtual water cooler effect in your organization
  • How to increase knowledge sharing and collaboration across departments
  • Defining your vision and strategy for execution and measurement around your digital tools
  • And much more.

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