Digital marketers’ guide to social media listening

Monitoring insights from consumers on digital platforms can provide you a plethora of data that can boost your efforts. Here’s how to set up an outstanding strategy.

Never in the history of marketing and public relations have we known so much about the customers we’re trying to reach.

They tell the world every day what they think of our products and services—including their likes and dislikes (especially their dislikes).

One would think all this access to data and understanding about consumer preferences would make our jobs easier, but without a strategic approach to social listening all these insights float away.

Putting in place a solid methodology to conduct social listening, capture insights and make them actionable is the lifeblood of a modern marketing organization. Price Waterhouse Cooper has identified a four-step process for the process:

1. Monitor

2. Listen

3. Interpret

4. Transform

Get the details on these steps, along with a fantastic overview of social listening, in the infographic below:


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