Do you use video to reach employees? Take our survey

We want to benchmark how communicators are engaging employees with one of the most effective channels available today—video.

We’ve reported how video has become an effective way to reach and engage employees—both remote and locally.

But what exactly are the benefits? Can you really measure the impact these videos have? And, what types of videos work best?

We’ve teamed with Ignite Technologies to get the answers in our “Engaging Employees with Video” survey.

It only takes a few minutes to complete.

Those who take part will receive a FREE report after we crunch the data, allowing you to learn:

  • The average video budget
  • What types of videos engage employees
  • The most common video benefits
  • The roadblocks and frustrations communicators face
  • How video success is measured
  • And much more!

Take the survey today.

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