English, journalism among ‘most useless’ college majors

Do you agree with the list, which was compiled by The Daily Beast?

No one likes to admit they’ve made a bad investment. Few investments, meanwhile, are as costly as a college education. And yet, many of those investments are completely useless, according to The Daily Beast. The website compiled a list of the 13 most useless majors. Read ’em and weep, fine arts enthusiasts: 1. Fine Arts 2. Drama and Theatre Arts 3. Film, Video, and Photographic Arts 4. Commercial Art and Graphic Design 5. Architecture 6. Philosophy and Religious Studies 7. English Literature and Language 8. Journalism 9. Anthropology and Archeology 10. Hospitality Management 11. Music 12. History 13. Political Science and Government Read the details about each major at The Daily Beast. (Image via)


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