Facebook users and their online struggle with change

Whenever the social network rolls out a series of new updates, the negative feedback and comments are never far behind. Still, its users stay.

For the most part, we all hate significant change in our daily lives.

Changes to Facebook, our social media bread and butter, are no exception.

Every time the social network makes alterations to its features, its interface, or almost anything, we go crazy, but yet we continue using its service.

So why does Facebook continue to take steps that initially prompt negative user-feedback?

CNET’s Zack Whittaker explains:

“Facebook is changing because it needs parity with Google+, the new social network on the scene. Facebook needs to be seen as progressive; otherwise it could be demonised or fall into the trap of ‘being the next MySpace’. Users by very nature do not want to learn how to use a product every six months.”

But as Whittaker also points out, Facebook is in fact, free. Maybe we should complain a little less. What do you think?

For more on the automatic outcry each time Facebook changes its news feed or adds a so-called “ticker” of sorts, read Whittaker’s full post here.


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