Facebook’s update enables users to ignore brand posts

The news feed change will give individuals the option to silence annoying promotional messages, potentially cutting marketers’ organic reach even more.

The ridiculously difficult just became less possible.

Brands that want Facebook users to see their content are going to have an even tougher time making that happen now that the social networking giant is making another news feed change.

The spin: Facebook is giving more control to users to determine what shows up in their news feed.

The downside: Expect almost no reach on organic posts and diminished reach on your paid posts.

From Advertising Age:

People will be able to see which of their friends or the brands they follow accounted for the most posts in their news feeds each week, Facebook said Friday. What’s more, the company also introduced a way for people to dial down the number of posts they see from a given friend or brand, as opposed to completely hiding them.

The optimistic view here is that brands will now be challenged to only post (and sponsor) interesting and relevant content. This is a good thing. Users will still have to click twice to silence brand posts, and the move will be less drastic than completely “unliking” a brand.

But you can’t help but think that features like this, which put control back in the users’ hands, mean that Facebook is just going to continue to be a waste of money for advertisers.

Here’s a breakdown from Facebook on what you can expect:

What do you think of this change to Facebook users’ news feeds?

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