Few companies offer customer service on Facebook and Twitter

Only 23 percent of companies provide customer service on Facebook and a mere 12 percent offer it on Twitter, according to a new study.

Customer service complaints are up, and they’re becoming more social. But that doesn’t mean companies like the trend.

A new MarketTools study reveals that only 23 percent of companies provide customer service and support via Facebook, with a mere 12 percent providing it through Twitter.

The study also showed that only 34 percent of executives surveyed were aware of customers using social media to comment on or complain about their company and its products.

The movement to social customer service may be a necessity for businesses looking to survive in a turbulent economy, but they’re not necessarily exciting about this development.

A recent iContact survey revealed that a full 25 percent of small-business owners “hate” social media. Groupon fared particularly poorly, with 70 percent of small business owners saying they hate the daily deal service.

Small business owners were split on Twitter, with 54 percent loving it and 46 percent hating it. Meanwhile, Twitter gripes are largely ignored by companies.

Facebook was by far the most popular with 76 percent of respondents saying they preferred the service over other social media outlets. Despite this, Facebook comments are also going largely unanswered.

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