Find grammar and style tips fast in the AP Stylebook

Mignon Fogarty shows you how to master the Associated Press Stylebook. Find answers to tough style and grammar questions quickly.

Ragan’s interactive course, Grammar Girl’s Guide to AP Style, steers you through the maze of the 2016 AP Stylebook to answer any style, spelling, capitalization or punctuation question.

Join Mignon Fogarty, “Grammar Girl,” who gives you tips and shortcuts to find answers to your most troublesome writing questions in the 2016 Associated Press Stylebook.

Fogarty leads you in this interactive series of short videos and quizzes that will make you a master of AP Style. You’ll avoid the most common style and grammar mistakes. You’ll grasp:

  • Exceptions to AP’s prohibition on using the serial (the “Oxford”) comma
  • How to get tricky apostrophes right: Is it “Jones’ slippers” or “Jones’s slippers”?
  • Words to avoid because they’re slippery or libelous
  • How to master the quirks of company names and products
  • How to avoid sexism and ageism with easy rewrites that make grammatical sense
  • How to correctly use family members’ names

You get unlimited views for 90 days of these simple, short videos. This means you have the perfect AP resource at your fingertips when a tricky comma question arises.

Don’t waste time lost in the AP Stylebook labyrinth. Master grammar and become the writer you want to be.

Reserve your copy of the interactive course today.

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