Free webinar: Dramatically improve your internal email communication

Learn best practices for sending Outlook emails that get opened and read.

Are you making the right decisions when it comes to your internal email strategy?

From frequency to industry type, email efficacy is dependent on a variety of factors. Make sure you’re considering all of them.

Tune into this free webinar, Internal email metrics that will dramatically improve success, brought to you by Ragan and PoliteMail. Michael DesRochers, founder and managing director at PoliteMail, will dissect raw data from 135 million internal employee emails sent through Outlook.

Join us on Nov. 7 at 1pm CT and you’ll learn:

  • What encourages employees to open their email—the from address, subject line, or time of day
  • How much of your email will get read and why the open function is not the best email metric
  • What formats and frequency works best to improve email readership
  • What time of day, and days of the week work best
  • How email behavior changes by industry, along with distribution list size

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