Get journalists to bookmark your site

Attract hordes of reporters with a new, stunningly beautiful newsroom packed with must-read multi-media stories about your company and your industry.

You have news. Journalists have pages to fill. Why shouldn’t you two meet in your new, overwhelmingly alive, transformed company newsroom?

PressPage is a unique, search-engine-optimized platform for businesses and brands to tell their best stories on their own newsrooms. PressPage digital newsrooms integrate multimedia and your original content into one powerfully appealing package. They also leverage your social media channels to drive newsroom traffic.

Skip pitches and tedious follow-ups! Publish straight to your audiences without the assistance of IT! Go from Word-file story to published—online and shared—worldwide story in 30 minutes instead of four hours-or 24 hours! Measure the effectiveness of every story instantly to show to your boss the same day! Drive thousands of new viewers to your company newsroom!

Here are a few of the brands that have bought PressPage:

  • Blue Cross Blue Shied
  • Verizon
  • H&R Block
  • Porsche
  • Michelin
  • Unicef
  • Heineken

Want more? See a fascinating one-minute overview of PressPage:

PressPage in 1 minute from PressPage on Vimeo.

Want to get in touch? Contact us through our website, and a PressPage team member will get back to you.

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