Get past these common obstacles to a great corporate culture

Join the experts for actionable ideas on building a culture that thrives.

“What’s your corporate culture like?”

It’s a question many job candidates are asking—and far too many internal communicators don’t have a good answer.

You know how important culture is for any modern organization, yet you keep hitting these roadblocks to building and maintaining yours:

  • Organizational changes that send your established culture into a tailspin
  • Jaded employees uninterested in participating in initiatives and activities
  • Leaders who don’t see the business value of a strong corporate culture

What’s a well-intentioned communicator to do? It’s simple—join us at the Engage Employees Through Culture and Communications Conference on May 9-10 in Scottsdale, Ariz.

You’ll hear from experts at GoDaddy, Vail Resorts, SAS and more. Discover how to shape your culture around the values of leaders and employees, keep morale high during times of change and build an employment brand millennials will love.

Break through your most stubborn barriers to a great corporate culture—register today!

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