Get rid of those goofy photos

Here’s how good photos can enliven even the most mundane corporate stories.

Here’s how good photos can enliven even the most mundane corporate stories

Take a look at the photograph at the right. What do you see? Two charming and disarmingly handsome men? That goes without saying. But what about the photo itself?

Why does it work? Well, for starters, we’re relaxed. We’re animated. Although the photo is clearly posed, it doesn’t look stilted. What’s even better, we’re not holding any plaques or passing large checks to one another. We’re not standing in front of a blank wall or standing at a podium looking out into the void.

We spend a lot of time chuckling over the silly photographs we find in most corporate newsletters and magazines. So why are they so goofy? And more important, why do they have to be? Let’s take the first question first:

1. Employee recognition. Long ago, corporate editors realized they could connect with readers by running many of their photos in the publication. At the same time, companies began recognizing employees with awards, banquets, certificates and other honors. Result: Photos of lots of people holding awards, looking somewhat dazed and not the least bit special.

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