Google interns earn more than many of you

Google has more to offer its interns than a solid mark on their résumé. It comes in the form of hard cash.

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Google’s received no shortage of good PR as of late—especially in the intern department.

First, the tech giant was ranked No.1 for internships by Glassdoor. Then it was featured in the movie “The Internship,” in which Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson are part of Google’s internship program. And today we learned Google interns are paid, on average, $5,800 a month.

It all makes sense.

At Google, internships range from ad sales and marketing to the highest-paid software engineers, who rake in around $6,700 monthly, according to Glassdoor, a job-rating website. The expectations are simple: Commit to at least three months of full-time work, and if all goes well, you’ll probably get paid about $20,000 for your time.

“Actually, it’s not that surprising that interns at a company like Google are getting paid so handsomely,” Scott Dobroski, a corporate communications manager at Glassdoor, told CNN Money. “The war for tech talent continues to rage on.”

A Google spokesperson says Google accepts only 1,500 interns out of 40,000 applicants every year in the United States, according to Business Insider.

But is being a Google intern really as amazing as it sounds? Apparently.

Earlier this month, Rohan Shah, a 20-year-old Google intern, told Business Insider that in addition to his $6,100-per-month pay, he had free access to 24 in-office cafes, a fully-equipped gym, and on-site massages.

A Google spokeswoman would not confirm to CNN how much any company employees are paid.

Other companies looking for positive media impressions might want to take a page from Google’s book. Stop making interns schlep coffee and fetch dry cleaning—or at least pay them more to do so.

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