Hacked YouTube player makes Publicis Groupe CEO a viral success

Tempted to fast-forward through your CEO’s end-of-year message? Check out how this one went viral when its creators—and CEO—had fun with fast-forwards, pauses, mutes, and more.

Digitas France, a global integrated brand agency, was charged with creating the “traditional” end-of-year greeting for global marketing organization Publicis Groupe.

You’ve all heard those end-of-year, “Where we’ve been/Where we go from here,” “Happy holidays/Good cheer” kinds of messages. And, admit it, you’ve usually zoned out, shut them down, snoozed, or fast-forwarded through them.

Digitas decided that tendency might be something worth drawing upon—and it got Publicis CEO Maurice Levy on board with its plan.

Good idea—the resulting effort earned it top honors in PR Daily’s 2013 Digital PR Awards in the Best Video—Internal Corporate Campaign category.

Here’s how.

For the end-of-year greeting, “Boss the Big Boss,” Digitas hacked the YouTube player functionality to surprise viewers with a very human and personal response from Levy.

Digitas writes that Levy “interprets each navigation command by the viewer on the fly,” shuffling through his notes on “fast-forward,” taking a break on “pause,” shouting when the volume is increased, and more.

Previous end-of-year Publicis Groupe video greetings were viewed by about one in three employees. This innovative effort garnered more than 200,000 views from an employee group of 59,000, with an average view time of 3:05 minutes for the three-minute video—both nearly unheard-of stats for a corporate CEO message.

We congratulate the team that collaborated on the winning effort: Bridget Jung, chief operating officer; Nicolas Thiboutot, creative director; Philippe Pinel and Frederick Lung, creatives; Frederic Roux, art director; Alix Goelen and Amelie Cruchet, project managers; Jeremy Vissio, motion designer; and Philippe Bordachar and Thibault Perret, technical.

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