How communicators can reignite their passion for writing

Are you struggling to get your creative juices flowing? These writing and editing experts have the answers to your corporate writing woes.

Is the flame that fuels your writing desire shining a little less brightly these days?

As a marketing or communications professional, your job is to write compelling content that engages readers, but it’s hard not to get bogged down in tiresome copy filled with jargon.

It’s time to renew your love for composition.

Writing and editing experts Gary North, Lucy Abreu and Jenn Spantak will show you how to:

  • Write engaging content for the top communications channels
  • Cut jargon and create compelling messages that captivate audiences
  • Avoid costly proofreading and editing errors

Learn these skills and more at Ragan’s Great Writing and Editing Virtual Summit on Aug. 30 from noon to 3:30 p.m. Central time—without leaving your desk.

Arm yourself with the strategies and techniques you need to improve your storytelling, engage your audience and deliver compelling prose.

Register today to reinvigorate your writing prowess.

Register here for the virtual summit.

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