4 ways to instill company values and spur engagement

Your mission statement might just be tired platitudes, or maybe your articulated vision inspires employees to invest themselves in fulfilling those ideals. Consider these key elements.

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Establishing clear vision and mission

When mission, vision and values truly reflect how the company operates, they drive staff engagement.

For some companies, those ideals are little more than words on the lobby wall; for others, they guide how employees approach their work.

Here are four ideas that attract employees to a company—and keep them engaged:

1. “I’m into what my company is all about.” The mission describes why the company exists. Put another way, if the company didn’t exist, what would be missing in the world? For example, I quickly Googled Google’s mission. Theirs is “to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.”

It’s easy enough to imagine what would be missing if Google never existed. Employees—notably younger employees—are more and more interested in their company’s mission. They want to be proud of their work. If they’re contributing to something, they want it to be meaningful. Is there something differentiating (or even noble) about the company’s mission? If not, wouldn’t they be just as happy at the competitor across the street?

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