How has 2020 altered the path forward for internal communications?

Recent research from Simpplr revealed new trends and best practices that communicators will need to know in the coming months.

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When 2020 began, many internal communicators had strategic plans in place for where they wanted to be by 2021 and beyond. They knew where they wanted to go and how they’d get there.

Needless to say now, but those goals and strategies faced a few unexpected roadblocks. The COVID-19 pandemic, a year of social unrest, and a contentious election have forced communicators back to square one—and left many unclear on where to go next.

But there’s valuable guidance available to help chart next steps, including a comprehensive look at what many other communicators are doing right now. In a recent study, the intranet software provider Simpplr surveyed over 1,000 internal communications specialists to understand how the events of this year had altered their strategies and tactics. The results shed light on important trends to keep in mind as you continue to navigate these uncertain times.

Here are just a few key findings from their research:

  • The role of the intranet has changed for many organizations—and internal communicators need to react accordingly.
  • New trends are emerging in how leaders engage their workforce.
  • Internal communicators are using technology in new and innovative ways.

To dive deeper into these findings—and see how your internal-communications plan stacks up compared to leading organizations, join Simpplr Head of Marketing and Research Sam Keninger for a free webinar on Oct. 27. Titled “The Emerging Best Practices in Internal Communications,” it will offer an in-depth look at what the research says about the state of internal communications moving into 2021.

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