How Justin Bieber is killing your blog

Lisa Barone has had it with social media Justin Teenie-wannabes. Don’t “add value” by linking to the same post 87 others are simultaneously linking to. Think for yourself, urges this (bored) communicator.

They don’t want to be left behind or look different. Because that’s what entertainment news has become—trying to look identical to everyone else.

Take a look at your feed reader and you’ll notice that your industry has its own Justin Bieber. Blogs are filled with topics and headlines that are over-played, over-talked about, and over-everything. Yet we hype them because our competitors are, because the big dogs do, or because we’re told they’re popular. We even have full-blown Justin Bieber aggregators, sites dedicated to finding over-exposed topics and helping bloggers make them even more over-exposed.

Put down the Justin Beiber or your blog will die.

It’s pretty easy to find the Justin Bieber infecting your world.

So you cover what Mashable wrote and then link. You share that TechCrunch story and link. But that’s not creating real content and it doesn’t help you to grow your audience, your blog or, ultimately, your business. You do that by being different, by showing your quirks, and letting your customers see what you believe in.

How do you break out of the echo-chamber and kill Justin Bieber? Here are a few suggestions.

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