How measurement can save time for overworked communications pros

Bogged down in approvals and other time-consuming tasks? A free guide explains how to carve out time.

It’s a commonplace problem in corporate communications: Professionals want to measure.

They are eager—even desperate—to figure out what’s working and what isn’t. When it comes to measurement, though, who has time?

A free guide from Ragan Communications and Newsweaver, “Time Management and Productivity: A Guide for Corporate Communicators” offers tips on how to use measurement and other methods to add time to your day.

The guide offers hope to those trapped in a succession of approvals and other time-consuming tasks.

Drawing from survey data, the guide shows that approvals, message creation and other time demands are swamping internal communicators, and most say they don’t have time to measure, according to a Ragan Communications/Newsweaver survey.

Some 93 percent of respondents think it is important or very important to measure the impact of internal communications, the survey reveals. Most respondents, however, are not mining those essential metrics. Of those who are measuring, the intranet (53 percent), email (46 percent) and electronic publications (40 percent) are the most frequently measured channels.

Evaluation and measurement tools—such as “like” and comment functions in e-newsletters and open and click data—help staffers report to and advise senior leaders at the Medical University of South Carolina, says survey respondent Kerry Burke, clinical enterprise communications program manager for that organization.

“How else will we know if the video we produced or the article we wrote reached the intended audience with the right message?” she says.

The guide offers additional practical tips on time management:

  • How to reduce the endless round of approvals and set deadlines for those who review your work
  • How aligning content with your business goals saves time
  • Why analytics can increase productivity
  • Ways to expedite approvals through software
  • How to streamline approvals across business units
  • Pointers on email, mobile and meetings
  • How (and why) to email the right way
  • Why design for mobile is essential
  • How to inform senior leaders and co-workers from PR and corporate communications through engagement calendars for execs
  • How to avoid “meeting fatigue” by running a tight ship

“Without measurement, we as communicators are flying blind—not knowing what is effective and worth our time and efforts, and not knowing areas to improve,” says one survey respondent.

With the right kind of data, you can fight off pointless assignments and show your leaders which channels and messages are working

“Rather than spending a whole lot of time creating content, you can actually say, ‘You know what? We’ve tried this message before, or we’ve tried sending it to this audience before, and it just didn’t ring true with them,” says Mossy O’Mahony, vice president of product at Newsweaver.

Download your free guide here.

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