How Snapchat geofilters can lead to more engaging content

Want to increase your reach on social media? Target consumers based on their location. Here’s how the social media platform is making that option more accessible.

Clients often ask marketing managers to reach customers organically and using word-of-mouth tactics.

Is that realistic? Or it is a fairytale expectation?

Data from Yext say Snapchat is becoming a fundamental part of how many marketers spread their messages. The platform’s geofilters are playing an increasingly important role.

From Yext’s recent white paper:

Snapchat users can be some of your client’s most powerful messengers. You can best leverage these propellants by ensuring they can engage with and capture your clients’ businesses in their Snaps while at your clients’ locations. As you begin crafting Geofilters for your clients’ Snapchat campaigns, remember first, that Snapchat content is raw and unedited, time is of the essence and its reach is exclusive.

According to Wicked Society, one Snapchat follower is now equal to 20 followers on its competitor platform, Instagram. To convert those followers into customers, data suggest targeting users based on their geographic location.

Here’s how to start:

Be creative and concise

All geofilters must be originally designed by the submitter. If your client has the budget to hire a designer—or has one available in-house—a filter could be the perfect vehicle for displaying your brand’s creative side.

There are a few rules, though. From Yext:

Make sure to provide a descriptive Geofilter title. Correct location data will help you start off on the right foot, but remember, Snapchat has very strict rules regarding its Geofilters and reserves the right to accept or reject submissions. Potential reasons for rejection include incorrect file type, a screen-dominant design, low quality design, irrelevant design for the location selection, etc.

Make the most of events and promotions

All geofilters will eventually expire. For events marketers, that can be a good thing.

From Yext:

All Snaps, whether private or posted to a Snapchat story, will expire within 24 hours. This makes Snapchat the perfect venue to publicize your clients’ special promotions and sales, pop-up events, daily specials and limited quantity releases.

Vastly expand your audience

Increasing your reach using Snapchat has a lot to do with your connections.

Looking to target a different niche or expand your audience? Wicked Society’s Jonathan Liedman advises tapping users with large followings:

We help a lot of our clients to partner with influential users. You can do a lot of cost-effective collaborations by using their Snapchat accounts.

If an influential user posts an image or video using your geofitler, their audience might be inspired to do the same.

From Yext:

Visibility and penetration on Snapchat extends beyond your clients’ audiences — and as far as their customers’ audiences — presenting a huge opportunity. Use this to your clients’ advantage and run geofilters at their locations, which can help amplify the impact of one, singular visit to a client’s location. geofilters can help your clients get seen in a more personal light by their customers’ audiences — their families, friends, and followers.

Social media platforms such as Snapchat enable marketers to reach customers on the go. If your audience tends to gravitate toward location-based content, interact with them more effectively by way of filters.

Ragan readers, how have you found success using geofilters, and with Snapchat in general?

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