How to choose the right social media monitoring platform

There are so many social media monitoring tools, and all claim to be the best. To find the best one for your brand, heed this expert’s tips.

You know you need to start monitoring social media, but how do you determine which platform is best for your company?

There are so many options, and all claim to be the best.

To make the decision process a little easier, Sebastian Hempstead, vice president of Brandwatch, explains what you should look for in a platform, and how to know when you’ve found the right one for your brand.

First, Hempstead recommends you talk with multiple monitoring companies, and explain to them what you want to achieve. Can their platforms answer the questions you have?

Next, test out a demo. Do you like the program’s interface? Is it easy to use? Do you understand how it works?

Third, find out what type of support and training the monitoring company offers, and what the pricing model is.

Finding the right monitoring platform is like a marriage. You’re going to be living with this software every day—make sure you like it.

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