How to flourish as a freelance writer

Finding success as an independent doesn’t have to be as difficult as many pros make it out to be. Here’s insight into standing out from the crowd.

When it comes to becoming a successful writer or blogger, sitting down and writing isn’t the hardest part.

The hard part is figuring out how to make yourself stand out and get your blog posts read. Among the 2 million or so blog posts published every day, you must do more than simply hit “publish” to build an audience. Doing so will fail to get you noticed by readers.

To build an audience, you shouldn’t market your content to the masses. Instead, work to find five people to target. Get them to respect your insight and want to listen to you.

Once you have reached five people, strive to expand that number to 10. Then, shoot for 20 people, then 100, etc. Once you’ve established relationships with people who trust and support you, when you finally do write a book or get an article published in a popular magazine, many of them will go out and buy it.

Without a credible audience backing your work, you’re just another writer trying to break through the noise and make a name for yourself.

This new content marketing rule starts with finding your first five audience members.

Vincent Carlos is a writer, thinker, reader and runner. A version of this article first appeared on his blog.

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