How to gesture in a media interview

Keeping your hands down and locked while on camera or at the microphone will only sap your energy and dilute your message’s power. Here’s how to recharge your on-air demeanor.

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That’s terrible guidance.

Your goal during a media interview is to appear as natural on camera as you are in person, and almost everyone gestures naturally when they speak. Sure, a small percentage of people gesture too much, but that’s a rare problem.

According to body language experts Allan and Barbara Pease, “Using hand gestures grabs attention, increases the impact of communication and helps individuals retain more of the information they are hearing.”

In other words, gesturing not only helps you look more natural but also enhances the impact of your words.

We see that regularly in our media training sessions. When we encourage trainees to incorporate gestures into their delivery, something amazing happens: Their words get better. The physical act of gesturing helps them form clearer thoughts and speak in tighter sentences.

To gesture effectively, keep your hands “unlocked” at all times—no clasped hands, hands behind your back, hands in pockets or arms crossed in front of you. Those “closed” positions can communicate arrogance or defensiveness, and they diminish the audience’s ability to absorb and retain your information.

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