How to get ignored on Twitter—but fast

These might be OK on antisocial media, but wouldn’t you rather engage and converse?

Twitter is a great tool for people and business, if used correctly. It’s safe to say that most people don’t want to be ignored on the popular social media site. It’s kind of like showing up at a party with no one to talk to. Who wants that?

Well, if you do, here are some things that will get people to ignore you on Twitter, along with guidelines on how to get along and engage people.

1. Talk about yourself

Twitter is not a platform to yell and scream your message or ideas. Ask people questions. Don’t sit back and talk about how smart you are. Ask others their opinion or simply how their day was.

It’s just like a party. Would you approach a stranger and say, “Hi, my name is and I do this and I live here and I like this?” No. You want to ask them something to get them talking, and before long, they’ll be asking you questions.

2. Auto DM

Automatic direct messages are a sure way to get you ignored. They make you look like you just want to sell something or use Twitter to drive traffic. You will generate a lot more sales and more traffic by taking the time to manually DM people or simply engage them on Twitter.

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