How to get people to open, not delete, your organization’s emails

We all hate to waste time. Yet some communicators accept an abysmal rate of email engagement, forcing them to repeat messages. A new download explains how to boost email’s effectiveness.

Nearly every communicator would love to master the secrets of successful email messaging—when to send them, what subject lines work best, how many links to include.

The thing is, one of the most successful means of communication is undermined when people ignore organizational emails altogether or see how fast they can open and delete the message.

Is that just the way it has to be—that feeling you’re running uphill on slippery gravel—when you send messages to the staff?

Not at all. A new, free download from PoliteMail and Ragan Communications, “10 ways to help your email engagement skyrocket,” offers tactics for boosting readership. Ultimately, the approach will make you more efficient and effective.

In this tip sheet, you will learn:

1. The importance of sending emails at the right time.

American Water—a New Jersey-based water and wastewater treatment company with operations in 47 states—found a drop-off on certain days of the week. Microsoft, on the other hand, came to a different conclusion about its emails. Do you know your best times and days?

The data has allowed communicators at American Water to tell people who wish to email on low-readership days, “You’re not going to get the same level of open rates or readership or engagement that you’re seeking,” says Michael Wood, senior director for internal communications.

2. The secrets of A/B testing.

Microsoft uses this method to try out its subject lines before firing off one proven to connect with employees. You don’t have to run an exhaustive study to use A/B testing.

3. How many words your subject lines should contain.

Plus, the sheet offers examples of the types of subject lines that work best at Microsoft. No surprise: “New pub opening on campus” did well.

4. What you can learn from ‘ignore rates.’

“Open rates tell you they got it,” says Michael DesRochers, managing partner at PoliteMail, “but if you have a high ‘ignore rate,’ they’re not getting the message.”

5. Why all those links in emails drive down your readership.

Surprisingly, all those blue underlined words don’t boost engagement—quite the opposite. How many links would be ideal? The guide reveals the answer.

6. Aspects of design for mobile that you might not have considered.

Is it possible that graphical headlines are reducing your click-throughs?

And more.

Download your free copy of “10 ways to help your email engagement skyrocket” now.

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